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Android VPN

In terms of maintaining security whilst doing various activities online, The VPN technology is without a doubt one of the most effective solutions one can possibly take advantage of. Through this, a user can be able to surf the internet securely and anonymously without the risk of exposing any of his important information to the public, especially to the hackers lurking in the online world.

As of now, the VPN technology has been able to reach a greater height. By this it means that it has been able to reach out even to those who are using other internet ready devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android phones. Unlike in the past in which it was only programmed to be usable for computer systems using certain operating systems such as Windows, MAC, Linux , VPN as of now can be integrated even into your Android devices.

Choosing which android VPN is for you

VPNs make it possible to create a secure connection to its servers, essentially encrypting all traffics received along the way. Other than that, they also hide your I.P address and location thus leaving no traces of your internet censorship implemented, you can be able to bypass China or Dubai wherein heavy internet censorship is implemented. you can be able ti bypass their firewall and access sites like Facebook which are blocked in those particular areas. One good way of doing that is by availing paid VPN.

As of now, there are hundreds of Android VPN services which you can choose from depending upon your needs and budgets. The question is, which among them is the best? To find that out, this article will be talking about some particular Android VPN services followed by a brief review of their advantages, disadvantages, features and performance.


Advantages: userfriendly and easy to use client, quality servers located around 340 locations around the world

Disadvantages: a bit pricy

HideMyAss has grown itself to be the best VPN service provider out there. They also have an amazing Android setup which works perfectly fine just like other operating systems. Other than that, their wide range of servers located in more than 50 countries around the world is already a big plus. Not to mention, they have a massive amount of IP addresses which reached up to more than 40,000 of them!


Advantages: simple and fast

Disadvantages: features are minimal and the price is bit high 

Kepard’s VPN service boasts of a quick connection speed, but is held down by the absence of several features that a typical VPN has. However, this isn’t a big deal for an Android VPN, as the features that Kepard has are more than enough to put to use in an Android device. 


Advantages: amazing software and support plus a reward system

Disadvantages: OpenVPN is in beta

PureVPN has already more than 10,000 customers who have been using their services for some time already. Aside from that, they also feature high quality software and customer support which are two of the most important things that any VPN service should have. Not to mention, they have a reward system which allows the users to earn some points and eventually use their service for free for a limited time only.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose from one of these Android VPN services for you to use. However, I would prefer Hidemyass but it is all up to you. Besides, this review has already helped you sort out which among those VPN services out there are worth your try.